In the videos below author Juval Löwy will go into detail on the different topics from Righting Software.

The second part of the book Righting Software is all about project design. With project design, Righting Software leverages many charts and calculations. This series of 11 how-to videos goes over how to create key charts, how to calculate advanced metrics, how to use the templates files that come with the book, and reviews the sample files. In addition, the videos discuss tips and tricks when using Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Project, and the math behind the formulas.

The series offers these how-to videos:
  1. Introduction
  2. How to build earned value chart
  3. How to use float-based assignments
  4. How to calculate project cost and staffing distribution
  5. How to calculate risk
  6. How to decompress risk
  7. Walk through samples files for Chapters 11
  8. Walk through samples files for Chapters 13
  9. How to calculate complexity
  10. How to calculate risk crossover points
  11. How to use the tracking spreadsheet

For more on project design, see Righting Software.